Interdisciplinary – Styling A Photoshoot

In our interdisciplinary studies we have the opportunity to explore other courses in our university. Three sessions of two different courses are what we are able to do.

For my first interdisciplinary I chose Contemporary Craft and this time around I chose to do Styling a Photoshoot. I chose this subject because I thought being able to know how to handle a photoshoot and how to best portray an item in a piece. I also thought it would go hand in hand with graphic design as photographing my work will be an important skill to have to advertise myself to potential clients.

In our three sessions we were inducted into how to use a DSLR camera which I have had before and you can read my previous blog post about it. I didn’t mind having a reminder for this because photography is definitely not a strong point of mine. We went over aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Then briefly over depth of field which is when an item in either the foreground or background is in focus and the other is blurred.

We were also told to decide in groups what type of photoshoot we wanted to do. We had a contemporary craft student in our group and they had a range of products that they had made and wanted to advertise to sell. As a collective group we decided to go with her products because we could treat it as a client. The theme we went with for the shoot was a macro shoot as the products were mostly mugs or smaller objects. This being the case I set up a small white backdrop made from a paper roll held wit ha block of wood. I did this to hopefully achieve a mini cove. We experimented with different set ups against the white border.





To create our photoshoot we had three LED panel lights on stands that we arranged at different angles to get an even spread of light. We also had a tripod for our camera so we could have it on a slower shutter speed and be able to capture more light and our movements wouldn’t effect the overall picture. In some of our pictures we also used a defuser to try and soften one of the lights because it was making a harsh shadow.






Texture and brightness was also another aspect we experimented with as you can see some our pictures. These sessions were very fun for me and the lecturer, Cathryn Bishop, was so helpful and great energy to have around. We were also shown how to create a press release. If I were to release these photos I would have to write something like this:



Plymouth College of Art Student Micro Ceramic and Glass shoot.

Kevin Hicks, a first year BA (Hons) Graphic Design students from Plymouth College of Art, has worked with Alice Norris to create ‘AN Ceramics’ as a part a show in Plymouth. The launch of the show, which is free to members of the public, takes place from 5pm to 10pm on friday 7th of April at Plymouth College of Art.

This exhibition was produced using used micro objects and pieces, such as mugs, expresso mugs and glasses, from Alice Norris. The piece has been creating to raise awareness of Alice Norris’ professional work. This was designed in response to advertising a brand.

Cathryn Bishop, course leader, said ‘Kevin worked hard to create some really interesting shots using ceramic pieces, I’m excited to see the finished results’.

Kevin said ‘I was grateful to be able to collaborate with an amazing ceramist to produce photographs to promote and sell her products and brand’


Note to editors

For further information about the exhibition or show pieces please contact Sammy-Jo Button on [Insert Phone Number] or email

How could I relate this back to graphic design?

I can relate this back to graphic design because a client will need products photographed and now I believe I have the skills and knowledge to conduct a photoshoot.


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