Blogging & WordPress


Term coined in 1997. A website consisting of discrete, often informal diary stye text entries (‘posts’). Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order.


Internet hosting services for a website.

Domain Name:

Name of your website(s). A sub-domain name for example is


Uniform Resource Locator. An address of a page or a document on the internet.


A database is an electronic filing system that contains a well organised collection of data, organised in such a way that it’s contents can easily be stocked, retrieved, managed and updated. For the common user, a database is accessible via a Database Management System (DBMS). Manipulation of data within the context of web design is performed through a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress. Data is sets of information, traces you left in different places of the internet. It is not only what you voluntarily upload on your blog, the forms you complete, for example, but also what you left unintentionally.


Content Management System.


Define the emotion that you want to convey. Select a template that is responsive and adaptive and have it readable on any device.

Image Metadata:

Enhance referencing and accessibility.


Search Engine Optimisation

Media Library:

You can name your images so they can be traced back to your account.

Plug Ins And Widgets:

You can get your social media accounts linked into WordPress such as Instagram and Twitter.



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