Visual Communication

Photoshop Workshop

“The Rubbish One” – Alex 2017

Photoshop is used to make pictures and files better. We are going to create mockups using photoshop. Things like business cards can be created using mockups. You can images to remove blemishes and imperfections.

Resolution and Colour Mode.

Unlike Indesign and Illustrator, you need to pay a little more attention to making sure these are set correctly in Photoshop. If you start working at a low resolution in RGB, it;s going to be very difficult to get back to a decent quality image.

What is Bitmap?

Photoshop will also introduce us to an old friend called Bitmap, maybe you think you don’t remember Bitmap, but when you first start drawing things on MS Paint, those were sort of Bitmaps. This is a different colour mode that works a little like RGB but with precise on/off areas, think of it like binary image.

What can we do with Photoshop?

Content Aware and Spot heal.

The Clone Tool

Selection Tools → Lasso tool


Making Mockups

Photoshop is amazing for creating brand mockups of things like t shirts and business cards etc.

There are loads of lovely ‘mockups’ available online to download, you can open a pre-made photoshop file, double click a layer and drop in your artwork, they will automate the mockup for you.

In time you should try creating your own as millions of people may have used them in the past and employers may have seen them before.

Mockup of business cards.

We had a small photoshoot where we had one soft box light against a white table, two business cards and a small stand for the cards that we could arrange or hold in anyway we wanted. I produced these outcomes.



Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 13.46.37.png

I managed to create mockups from these that I could use in my other projects. It was a very good technique to have learned and I will be able to use these mock ups for my future career.


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