Laser Cutter Induction

In our FabLab we got the chance to be inducted into a vital piece of equipment, the laser cutter.


In a group we were taken down with a file that our lecturer had previously sent on of a snowflake made from typography. The purpose was to learn how to input the file and be able to line up the paper and cut it.

The laser cutter is a delicate machine and we got inducted into every aspect of health and safety for it from the ventilation system for it and the dos and don’t’s. The laser cutter is also capable of being able to cut through a variety of materials such as thin wood, paper, card, thin cardboard (not corrugated). You could not use corrugated cardboard because of the thickness of the material and the fact it contains a lot of pockets of air and that would be a recipe for a fire.

After being inducted a member of the group would set up a file to print and then print onto a piece of paper. We would also have to set up the machine with proper coordinates so it would fit onto the material (paper). After completion that person would then show another person how to do the same thing. It went on like that for the entire class until everyone had the chance to print/teach another how to print.

I enjoyed this lesson as it did induct us into a vital machine. I can now use this within graphic design to engrave or cut out onto various materials. It is a very experimental machine and I cannot wait to be able to do so.


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