Contextual Studies


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Feminism has become more debated back into culture even though it is ongoing.

  • Eve is the first representation of a woman in religion and it is her fault for the explosion of the human race from the garden of Eden and from this women were looked upon with negative associations.
  • Mary Magdalene, the whore in the bible but in her own book she was depicted as his partner.

The first wave of feminism 1809-1928 the subjects that were fought for were:

  • Legal equality
  • Right to vote
  • Inheritance
  • Employment

All of these were the ideals of fairness. The most shocking out of these for me was the inheritance because I wasn’t informed about it. If a man would die in that time the wife wouldn’t get his money so often women and their children would be forced out onto the streets. They had no compensation if the worst was to happen.

Suffragettes 1897-1928 UK


The second wave of feminism in 1961-1980’s the subjects they fought for were:

  • Sexuality
  • The workspace
  • Reproductive rights

In the 60’s was the first intense of women having their own sexual voice when they could chose to go onto the pill / conception and abortion.

The third wave of feminism in the 1980’s fought for:

  • Identity
  • Gender Violence
  • Rape
  • Reproductive rights
  • Queer and non-white women

In the 1990’s was the era of the Riot Grrrl -?  These women were influenced by the rise of female punk rock icons that were influenced by grunge.

Ladettes 1990’s-2000’s


This ideal was women trying to compete with men / challenging them. They would often talk about sex grossly and not be apologetic.

Girl Power!


Girl power is another thing at emerged from the 90’s / 2000’s with the Spice girls being a big influence on young women and girls.


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