Contextual Studies

Bibliographies, Footnotes Etc.

Harvard Referencing is what Plymouth College of Art uses and it is used so you can properly reference someones work.

Examples we were given by the lecturer were:

  • State Author (1936:p.47) You don’t need to put the title down.
  • Footnote³. Have a list at the bottom of the page
  • Introduce a quote by setting the context
  • Don’t start or end with a quote
  • You’re making a point
  • Always have the author as … Shelly. M. (1964), Title, (Second edition), Publisher
  • ETAL meaning others. Add after first author.
  • If a quote is more than 4 lines separate it from the text. Also indent it.
  • You will lose marks if you go over or under the word count.


  • Better  the quote the better the argument
  • Show balance to an argument but don’t stray to far, you want to convince the reader that you’re right.
  • Can be a supportive argument. The other person can have a stronger opinion but still positive.


  • Required to look at multiple sources. Books, magazines, lectures, web, etc.
  • Can request books to get into the library.
  • Eye magazine is a very good publication as well as Baseline and Design week.

Harvard style reference.

Shelly, M. (1997), Frankensteins London: (Wordsworth Classics), Edition.          Wordsworth Editions Ltd.

  • REFME is a website to use to Harvard reference.
  • Referencing film or TV use

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, 1994, [Film] Directed by Kenneth Branagh USA

  • Quoting a film… ‘Quote’ (Frankenstein Films, 2008) ‘Uhurarrurgh’¹
  • Reference a website / When you accessed it.

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