3d Printing Induction

In our FabLab we had the opportunity to be inducted into the 3D printing facilities. I was very excited to have this chance as 3D is a personal favourite medium to work in.

To start with we were shown examples of 3D printed outcomes. This also showed the range of materials that are possible. Plastics, plasters and cardboard.

The lecturer we had was Owen and he introduced us to the program Rhino, a program used to create 3D models that would be able to be printed on a 3D printer.  He created a 3D texture on a tiny scale that would be printed out within 30 minutes.

The 3D printer he used was a Ultimaker 2 Go. They had a lot of other machines available that would do the same thing and in different nozzle sizes. The different nozzle sizes would affect the print in the smaller the nozzle the finer the print but in turn it would take much longer to print.


After a break we came back to the room to find that the 3D printer had finished with the print and we could enjoy our finished plastic texture.

Why would a graphic designer use 3D printing?

Graphic designers can work in a multiple of ways and materials and with 3D printing you could create 3D typography or even stamps that could be used. Personally I enjoyed this session because I was eager to learn how to use these machines and see how they could impact my work.


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