Risograph Printing

The risograph was meant to originally replace photocopiers but digital printers came along. It prints very fast and you are limited to colours. Results of a risograph look like screen prints. There is also no heat used in the process. Inks that are used are made from soya that compliment being cold printed.

Alex, our lecturer, showed us the colours that would be available for us to use and they were:

  • Black
  • HD Blue
  • Bright Red
  • Fluorescent Pink

Risograph is a cheap process but not wisely used examples of graphic design companies that use this process are:

  • Dazed & Confused
  • People of Print
  • Hato Press
  • Rope Press

Once learning about the risograph we were set a mini brief. We were to create a short story on a poster or zine that could be manipulated into a booklet. After some initial idea drafting in my team the we settled on a zine on new years resolutions with roles reversed.

We also drafted the most common resolutions to then have the options for our zine.

  • Gym
  • Travel
  • Lose weight
  • Drink less
  • Quit smoking
  • Me time
  • Settle Down
  • Save Money
  • Speak to parents more

 How could I use this in my practice? 

Risograph is a good process to be able to print on mass scale as it is fast. To make multiple zines or posters it would be a go to but I would also have to take in to account the limitations on colour. At university with the colours on offer I could in fact make some beautiful pieces since they have basic colours and accent colours, like the blue and pink, that would compliment work well.

Overall I did enjoy this process as I had never heard of it before and it opened my eyes to another potential mass producing technique.


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