Interdisciplinary – Contemporary Craft

In our interdisciplinary studies we have the opportunity to explore other courses in our university. Three sessions of two different courses are what we are able to do. I chose to do Contemporary craft and Interior Design.

I chose to do contemporary craft because I wanted the opportunity to do something completely different to graphic design but then also have the chance to relate it back to it.

For each of these courses we will be given a short brief in which we will try our best to use the equipment provided to make an outcome. In addition to this we will be able to learn different techniques.

Unfortunately due to having a Paris trip I missed my first lecture of contemporary craft but in my second lecture I found out that our brief is “Dysfunctional table setting – you only had one job”. There are three mediums that you can work with, Glass, Ceramics and Metal. I got put into the group to work on metal.

In metal we are making cutlery that is designed to not work or to be dysfunctional. The material we could use were copper. After initial designing using a small hand blade we cut out our designs. The hand saw is a very delicate tool as the saw blade is very thin but very sharp. It took me a very long time to stop breaking the saw bits but after 5 attempts I was able to cut out my fork and knife design. I also got very good advice from a friendly third year. She advised me to thinly coat my saw in beeswax as this helps cut through the metal with a little more ease.

I also got to work with a small pillar drill to make small holes into my copper to tread a smaller copper wire through to create legs or a braid. The drill was a big piece of machinery to learn as you needed to take your time and slowly guide the drill through. If you go too fast you can lose control of the metal and it will spin around and this puts the user at risk.

These are the results I came out with after the workshop. I wanted to keep a geometric feel so I could relate it back to graphics in a way.

How could I relate this back to graphic design?

I believe I could relate this back because working with new materials such as copper and wire opens my eyes to the possibility of integrating it into my work. I could make wire or copper typefaces and even within branding I could, if it were suitable, create copper engraved cutlery.


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