Visual Communication

Replicating Logos

Replicating logos was a good exercise to do as it let me try to use the pen tool in Illustrator at it’s fullest potential. It was also good for my creative mind to try and work out a way to tackle it. How would I break it down? My lecturer gave out random logos and then we were given time to replicated them.

My first logo I was given was Plymouth College of Art.

PCA lockup right  (1)

To start off with I broke down its main components them being that it seems to be a letter “P” with a rectangle in it. I tried to find out what typeface was used but according to my lecturer it is a bespoke font, meaning it was made for the purpose of the logo. I used a mixture of the pen tool, shape tools and pathfinder to get to the outcome, below is my version of the logo.

PCA lockup right  (1)

Upon review I can see that the rectangle should’ve been a little bigger to match the original. Overall I was happy with my outcome because I am still very new to Illustrator. I would like to continue this exercise in the future as it helps with my understanding of shapes within logos and how to replicate them effectively.




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