Visual Communication



A belief based on the spiritual idea that the universe and all natural objects within the universe, have souls or spirits.

The earliest form of animism would be in cave paintings. Stories would have been painted onto walls to show great achievements that the people would achieve a comparison to it would be nowadays when someone gets a certificate and they hang it on the wall as a sense of pride. Using simple marks they were able to communicate the stories so effortlessly.


In the picture above you can see by just using simple forms they managed to show stags.


In the larger picture you can see the full picture in which it looks like a stampede with many of animals depicted. I am fascinated by these early markings as even thousands of years ago people were still creating with what they had and story telling was something they didn’t know would continue this far but has.

Going ahead to another depiction of animals in culture would be Native American totem poles they believed these sought to remind us that we share the planet.



These were early forms of presentation of animals in culture and where seen as wise creatures. They would look over tribes and protect them.


Shamanism is a range of beliefs and practices regarding communication with the spiritual world in which a religious leader, like a shaman enters supernatural realms to help the community.


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