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Woodblock Printing

During a session with Matt we were inducted into the woodblock printing process. Using woodblock letters in various styles from the printmaking room we would collect the letters that we wanted and arrange them backwards for example:Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 07.58.39.png

I would write out my words like this to make sure that when I printed them that they didn’t come out wrong. It did take more time but I was happy to do it since it would prevent me from making errors that I could see my classmates doing. Once we had our letters laid out we used masking tape to keep them together and so they wouldn’t move during the printing process. If we were doing a large scale print we could’ve used furniture which is blank blocks that are used to hold in words or letters. After taping we cover our letters in oil based ink, you cannot use water based inks on the wood blocks because of how old they are. If you were to use water on them the wood would split and destroy them. After putting the ink on with a roller, to achieve the most even coverage, you are ready to print. scan-14scan-16


I also experimented with Lino cutting where you draw your desired print on backwards onto a piece of lino and then cut out the negative space with a lino cutter. I did like this process but it took a very long time to create. Below is my example of lino cutting.scan-19

For my final poster I was given the quote:

“There are 3 responses to a piece of design – yes, no and WOW! wow is what we aim for.” Milton Glaser.

For this I printed the majority of the words from wood blocks but for the words that I didn’t print I used photoshop to cut away and splice letters together to get the words and results that I wanted. My final poster I played with the positioning of the words which I didn’t get to do in the workshop.



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