Notebook Screenprinting

During a pre degree screen printing event we were invited into the room to try out this wonderful process.

The room was set up with four different screens and ink in the middle. Each screen had a different pattern on it, creating a different and unique pattern. The screens that I used were diagonal and dots.

For the diagonal screen I used a mixture of orange and yellow ink to create a natural gradient that would represent the sun and the sky. I thought this would look good on a book face but I wanted to step up and make it a bit more unique so I used masking tape to create a blocky crosshatch. After the printing process it came to taking off the tape and I found that it had stuck onto the book too much and trying to remove it would rip the books cover. So I had to leave the tape in place. I was sad that I didn’t get the outcome I wanted but at the same time it gave me knowledge that I should test and know the tendencies of my materials and what they can and can’t take. I used this knowledge to then avoid ripping in my next design where instead I used stencils instead.

The printing process itself is you put the material that you want printed below and place the screen on top of it. You then place the ink on the top line of the screen. You do not need a lot of ink to print as a little gets you a lot. I got another student to put weight down on either side of the screen so that it would not move as I was printing. Getting the squeegee you swipe down in one steady motion to then let the ink go through the screen. Afterwards you lift the screen and you have your outcome.

Following this method I came out with these outcomes:scan-20scan-21



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