Experience One

Design for change.

We had a live brief launched to us for the next three weeks in which we pick an issue that the council have brought to our attention and see how we can either bring light to it or think of ways to improve it ourselves.

We were also shown ‘The Plymouth Plan’ where they have set goals for the next 20 years. Some of these goals were more jobs, better education for kids, cutting down the times on transport links to London. The five main points that they highlighted for us were put into categories and these are:

  • Power
  • Opportunity
  • Roots
  • Connections
  • Flourish

After looking over ‘The Plymouth Plan’ our group, being Betsy, Katie, Fiona and Hope. We chose to address that within 20 years they want 100% of children to leave secondary school being able to read and write. When I initially read this I was so shocked to think that children were still leaving education without having these basic skills. I also found out what the percentage was now and I was horrified to see that it was at roughly 82%.

After we picked our topic we agreed that we would set up a scare campaign to try and shock parents into seeing this awful fact.


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