Type and Image

Emotions with shapes.

Time to cut some emotional shapes. Using only three shapes and three colours you can convey an array of emotions to a viewer, that was our goal. Using only red, blue and yellow and a square, circle and a triangle and a list of emotion we were left to our own devices.



I designed afraid like this because I wanted to seem like the square and triangle were overcrowding the circle. Like how in school a smaller child would be looked down upon by the bigger kids. I used, in my opinion the two angriest colours for the bullying shapes and used blue for the circle because I thought of it as the most venerable colour out of the three that I used.



The design I did for annoyed personally annoyed me because of the disorder and the fact the circles were inline but the squares and triangles were not. I also only used red and yellow as I think they made a very nice contrast of colour.



Bored is one I talked without much thought to try and get my head to space out and make a melodic pattern. The boredom overtook me and I came up with this arrangement and colour scheme. I think that the use of repetition can be good but boring in most cases.



The natural spacing between the three shapes is how I chose to portray calm. The feng shui in this gives me a calming feeling. The shapes having there own section of the screen was trying to imitate how in life having your own personal space can be a calming and relaxing experience.



I went for a more illustrative approach for daring as I hadn’t done as of yet. I used the triangle and made it the prominent shape in the piece to resemble a mountain and the square as a house at the bottom. The yellow circle is the sun creeping around from the mountain to suggest early morning as it is not in the middle of the sky yet. The reason I thought this could portray daring was because someone would have to be daring to take on a challenge such as climbing a mountain.



Envious. I used one of each shape in red and then the three shapes behind them in the original colours. Why I thought this was envious was because the three shapes in red were meant to be the desirable like how in human culture you desire to be like someone else and the shapes behind are in their shadow but unfortunately are not them. The red shapes are the popular ones. The red square has achieved it when the circle and triangle haven’t.



Happy was a fun shape to create as I played around with the shapes until I got this arrangement, which reminded me of an ice cream. I couldn’t use any colours that were associated so I used the blue for the ice cream which could resemble bubblegum flavour and the red and yellow for the cone.



I illustrated hopeful like this because I think it reflects hopeful speech. Speech is a very key thing because how else will you voice your aspirations. The yellow square is to represent the idea and the blue circle and the blue triangle are to be the speech bubble.




Hurt is an emotion I can only describe with the colour red. The reason I used blue was to try and mask it. Masking pain is an easy thing to do and can sometimes go unnoticed.



Hyper I made all the shapes bigger than normal and overlapped them and even had them coming off the paper as I was thinking of the quote “bouncing off the walls” After aligning some shapes to the edge I thought, why not have them break through the walls. The shapes in the end seemed very erratic which I was very pleased about.



Lonely, to feel like you are alone. I used a small blue circle right in the middle of the page. Nothing could seem lonelier, maybe two circles and they didn’t love each other? I once again used blue because it is thought to be a sad colour.



I put the red square and the yellow triangle together to form a group and then put the blue circle in the top right hand corner to try and convey lost. Getting lost can be a easy thing to do if you mean to do it or not. One wrong turn and that’s it you’re 5 miles away with nothing to help you.



Loving would’ve been thought to be represented by a heart. This is what I went for but in a cubism way. I didn’t want to make a heart that was easy to recognise because that would be too easy. I wanted to challenge myself into making a pictogram that resembled the idea of a heart.



Lust, I used all red shapes as this can be the colour of love. I also made a phallic object as this was a fun way to express myself.



Sad. I used only one colour for this piece, being blue, I also arranged the shapes to form a teardrop. Tears are very common when people are sad. When people are sad they cry themselves. It could also be a raindrop, may shows have a sad montage and the character will be sitting at a window watching the rain.



Shy was a challenge is illustrate because I didn’t have a general idea when I first read the word. I played around with the shapes and colours until I got to this conclusion. I made the triangle a different colour, yellow, because I think that yellow is a frail colour and could reflect a timid individual among others being the blue circle and square.



“Stuck in the middle with you”



I made a face with circles with the blue circle being the face, the yellows as the eyes and the red as the mouth. I feel like these were the best choices as they resemble the features the best.



Tired was one of my favourites because it came to me immediately. I used the blue circle and square to make a silhouette of a person lying down. I then used the triangles to emulate the cartoon z effect. The reason I used blue was because it is a very clam colour and it is the closest to black. I would’ve used black as it would’ve made a better silhouette.



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