Type and Image

Deconstruction of Letterforms

In a workshop with Matt we were focussing on the ‘Deconstruction of Letterforms’. He showed us several ways that we could achieve this using materials such as paper, acetate and sellotape.

To begin we went into the computer suite and got our letters, mine was ‘N’, and wrote them out in our fonts we had chosen, I chose Futura because I liked the sharp ascender of the capital. We then printed our characters so then we could deconstruct and contort them. In our main room we had stations set up where there were cameras on tripods angled onto the floor. Using the camera, lights and tape we created different shapes and shadows.


After taking pictures of our letters we imported them into Photoshop and adjusted the colour and levels until we were happy with the outcome.

I also, when I got home, experimented with using my scanner. I used tape and stuck the ‘N’ in two different ways and scanned them with a white sheet on the back. I came out with the two examples below. I enjoyed doing this because I got a distressed look on the grids and it also has made the edges of the paper a lot softer. I didn’t get much shadowing but the shadows that I got strangely don’t fit the shapes but I found this very interesting.



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