Styles, Width and Weights


Styles are a recent trend. The two most common styles used in typefaces are roman and italic.

Italics and Obliques

The italic style was meant to mimic handwriting and to save more space than the roman style. It is now used to emphasis the roman design. Obliques are similar to italics as they are both slanted designs and both serve the same function, to emphasise text.

Weights and Widths

Weight determines how bold a typeface looks and how heavy the characters are within the font. There are two traditional weights, regular and bold, with light and black being the outward extensions on the weight scale and then sometimes a semibold in between. There are some font families that contain up to fifteen weights. Width determines how wide the character  is. The different widths are condensed, extra condensed and compressed toward the narrow end and extended to the opposite side. There are up to six different widths.


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