Photography Induction

A knowledge of photography is vital to have as a graphic designer as we need these skills to present some of our work to our audiences/clients. We had an induction to cameras and we were given a Cannon camera to be inducted onto.

Lens Front ring is a manual focus Bigger ring behind is a zoom lens

Variable focal length : numbers 18-55 focal length go the lens. What kind of lens you’ve got. Three different categories. Standard is 35 ml and won’t distort anything. Wide angel smaller than 35 and telephoto is more than 35. Prime lens have a set prime length. AF auto focus MF manual focus Stabiliser on and off.

How to change the lens: Line up the two white dots. Have the lens ready otherwise dust can go in and scratch the mirror on the inside of the camera. Dust can also settle on the sensor and can end up distorting the images. Format the card Menu-yellow-format Red options for image quality Blue playback and viewing Yellow system settings Red first one- image quality L m s are jpg Raw holds all the data but don’t work on all programs Set to raw +L Exposures are made up of 3 different variables

During our photography induction we were taught about three major things about cameras. That being the aperture the ISO and the shutter speed.

Aperture. How big the hole that lets the light in. Depth of field. Smaller the number the narrow the depth of field.

ISO. How sensitive your sensor is to light. Bigger the number more sensitive to light. Less then less sensitive. Adds noise to an image.

Shutter speed. How long it takes for the mirror to move. Listed as fractions of a second. Stops movement and blur. Long shutter speed = blur short shutter speed = sharp image. All of these will have an effect on your image and will drastically change every outcome. White balance, daylight: yellow tone Tungsten: blue tone

These were the pictures that I produced. I tried to get pictures of all the process including dept of field and different shutter speeds. I found this induction very tricky to get the right outcome. I did enjoy it overall and believe I need more experience in photography.


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