Type and Image

Experimental Image Making

We were given an original picture and we were asked to develop on it by illustrating onto a section of a eight page booklet. Given eight minutes for every illustration we gave the booklet to the person on our rights to then develop from our drawing. The people in my group were Betsy, Charlotte, Lucy, Isabelle, Harry and Fiona. We could use any materials we could get our hands on. I used pen, pencil and masking tape for my illustrations. The image below shows some examples of the booklets my group made.


The process was a smooth and enjoyable one as I enjoy working quickly. It also gave me an insight to how my classmates creative think. Seeing how they came to there conclusion with what they were given. If I were to do this again I would use a wider range of materials as I feel like I wasn’t adventurous enough.

Within design companies you would be able to see a style or a common way of critical thinking but because we are all emerging designers we have yet to define our styles and we haven’t had much opportunity to collaborate with each other yet. Within time we would be able to look back and be able to tell each others designs but until then we can just enjoy the design and creative process.


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