Type and Image

Calligraphy Workshop.

Pens, What Pens?

What is calligraphy?

“The art of beautiful writing”

The different types of calligraphy that we were taught about were:

Unseal → one inch high in all caps. This was used for the first book hand used for bibles in the medieval times.

Foundation hand → A famous calligrapher that used this was Edward Johnstone and he reintroduced the Foundation hand in 1905/10 being a very formal typeface.

Italic → Used in the renaissance period and it can be manipulated.

Blackletter → Blackletter was produced for cost because they condense the typeface to more efficiently make use of the space on the page.

Carved Slate → Hand carved with a chisel most famously used in the Roman times.

Pushing the boundaries.

Pushing the boundaries of calligraphy to make them more like illustrative pieces. We used unconventional types of tools to make our letterforms including string, spoons, sponges and sticks.


We then moved on from this to try to write a neuland alphabet.


I enjoyed this as I had to practice in the form and technique. I would use this more often to develop my skills. From this I used the skills to write a few chosen words.




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