Type and Image

Hybrid Letterform.


“An offspring resulting from cross-breeding”

In InDesign we were asked to create Hybrid Letterforms. We achieved this by cutting away half of the character and replacing it with either the same letter but in a different font or a different character all together to create an illustrative piece.


‘N’ is my chosen letter so on my computer I had three top halves of my ‘N’ and then let a member of my class experiment with adding to it. I really like what they came up with because I wouldn’t of thought to alter the actually typeface and distort it that way but it worked really well to make it look like the character is melting.


For the S’s I went to another member of my classes computer and took over. The first, on the left, is a top half to a Futura S that I rotated and reattached onto the bottom of the character as my classmates was also using Futura. The second two that I experimented with I took the top curve of the S and added them onto more script fonts and I thought the contrast between them both would be effective. I am overall pleased with my results but I would like to play with the vectors to see what I could create.


The final task we were set out to do was to make a portrait with the letters of our names. My name being Kevin. Fortunately having a five letter name I had an array of letters to work with. I am overall pleased with both of my portraits as I think they pushed me out of my comfort zone.


The exercise today was a fun one as we got to interact with other peoples designs as help them reach an outcome which we hadn’t done much of before.

How can it be used in Graphic Design:

I could use this in graphic design if a customer would want an interesting portrait that wouldn’t be conventional or even designing drop caps.


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