Type and Image

Typographic Design: Layout Design.

Josef Muller Brockman.

Pior to Josef there wasn’t much order to graphic art. Josef ordered it by making everything follow a clear and concise grid system. This was then referred to as Swiss design (Modernist Movement).

Swiss Design: “International typographical style”. Swiss design emphasises cleanliness, readability and objectivity. The entire movement was about creating order. Like having everything flush left making it easier to read.

Josef Muller Brockman was born in 1914 and is a graphic designer and teacher. He studied architecture design and history of art. Studying architecture probably influenced the style because everything has to be conforming. In 1936 he opened his own studio in Zurich specialising in graphic design, exhibition design and photography.

Josef’s designs are illustrative and playful whilst having 8 columns and being very dynamic. Simplicity, minimalism and a rational approach are themes throughout his work.

“Order was always wishful”




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