Developing a CV.

  • A CV is a vital tool into self promotion.
  • There isn’t a perfect template to a CV.
  • A CV should be short no more than two sides of A4.
  • A CV should be positive.
  • The aim is to make a good impression in a clear way.
  • Personal details are required. Your name, address, email, social medias.
  • You no longer need to put your DOB on your CV.
  • Career history this also includes any temporary work and voluntary.
  • Tailor it towards the company you are applying for.
  • Achievements from previous jobs.
  • Qualifications and training from previous jobs.
  • Interests, if relevant.
  • Reasons for career change or gaps in work history.
  • References, ideally two.
  • Check your CV for spelling and grammar.
  • Check five or six adverts for a particular job and then use the common requirements to would your CV.
  • Research so you understand what employees are looking for.
  • Do not add a photo.
  • Think about type size, legibility and layout.
  • Print your CV onto high quality paper.

Unconventional CV examples.

  • Board game.
  • CD and booklet.
  • Portfolio book (Packaging).
  • Chocolate bar.
  • Drink carton.
  • Clothing.

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