An introduction.

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Counter
  • Bowl
  • Terminal
  • Descender
  • Ascender
  • X-height
  • Baseline

Type classifications:

  • Humanist → Horley old style, Jenson, Cloister, Kennerley.
  • Garalde → Sabon, Bembo, Times new roman, Plantin, Palatina Caslon old face,
  • Transitional → Baskerville, Fournier, Perpetua.
  • Didone → Bauer Bodoni, Bodoni, Torino, Walbaum.
  • New Transitional → Bookman, Century schoolbook, Cheltenham.
  • Slab serif → Memphis, Laubalin, Calvert, Serifa, Rockwell.
  • Sans serif (lineale) a. Grotesque → News gothic, Trade gothic, Akzidenz grotesk, Folio, Helvetica, Futura, Kabel, Eurostile, Avent Garde
  • Sans serif (lineale) d. Humanist → Optima, Goudy sans, Rotis sans serif.
  • Glyphic → Alberus, Friz quadrata, Amerigo.
  • Script → Shelley, Andante, Coronet, Mistral.
  • Black-letter → Fette fraktur, Goudy text, Wittenburger frakur, Wilheim kingspor.
  • Decorative → Broadway, Arnold Bockin, Copperplate Gothic.
  • Contemporary → Beowolf, Trixie, Exoocet, Blur
  • BC – Beyond Contemporary → Template gothic, ORC-A, Emigre ten, New alpjhabet.

All of the fonts above are european.


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