Freelance. What’s the plan?

→ Create an effective online portfolio.

→ Paper based portfolio is good but you need to physically take it to an employer

→ Create an equally effective print portfolio, business cards, CV etc.

→ Be brave, bold and professional.

→ Go the extra mile for your customers. Word of mouth is the most important tool you have.

→ Take the small jobs first.

→ Don’t underestimate yourself. If your work is good charge good money for it.

→ Networking is very important. Make sure to sign up to as many networks.

→ Practice, Practice and Practice.

→ Pay attention. Archive things that interest you about design.

→ Funding and a business plan.

How much and when?

Preparing that first invoice.

→ Invoices should be prim and proper.

→ Clients address, include name of client and their contact person as you’ll need to have a way to contact them if they do not pay.

→ Your company name is needed as well as your name, address.

→ People want to know what they’re paying for. Tell them EXACTLY what they have received. Be as specific as possible.

→ Specify whether the charge is project based or hourly.

→ Thinking time and meeting time could be accounted for.

→ Researching into backgrounds can be done by you.

→ Include your terms. When do you expect the client to pay you? What happens if they miss the deadline? To be able to send follow up or overdue notices or to charge interest, you need a rock solid paper trail that no one can argue with. If they don’t pay you you can take them to a no claims court.

→ Let them know how to pay you. Cheque? money transfer? Be explicitly clear about what you expect and in what for.

→ Numbers and keeping records. Give invoices numbers to make them easier to track.

→ Thank them, and ask them to thank you via testimonial and invite them to contact you.

→ Pricing structure.

  • Logo design start from a couple of hundred pounds.
  • Full company branding will cost at least £1,000 major companies well over ten times.
  • Stationary. Simple designs for small letterheads, business cards and compliment slips will cost around £300 with cost rising rapidly as we move up scale. Include printing prices.
  • Website design. £250-£1,000
  • Packaging design start at. £1,000-£2,000
  • Brochure design start at £1,000
  • Magazine design will cost more depending on the number of unique pages.
  • Email campaigns start at around £500 for a simple design.

Hourly rate?

  • Calculate your business related expenses for an entire year:
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Cost of attending conferences
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Domain names
  • Office Supplies
  • Office rental
  • Insurance
  • Legal and accounting fees
  • Membership dues.

Factor in paid holidays, sick days, stock, contributions to a retirement plan.

Calculate your income. Make sure you can live off your “take home” pay.

To calculate your hourly rate, first add your yearly salary to your expenses.


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