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Grids, Guides and The Famous Baseline.

How to create grids in Indesign:

Double click onto mater pages → Layout → Margins and Columns → 2 Columns → Gutter 4mm

A baseline grid is lined paper in digital form and it useful for book and magazine layouts. To show the baseline grid you go to: IndesignCC → Preferences → Grids → Start = 0mm → Relative to = top margin →Increment every = 14.4 → Grids in back has to be unchecked.

View → Grids and Guides → Show baseline grid. If you cannot see the grid immediately then zoom in until you see it.

Once you have your grids and baseline whatever text you have is probably not aligned to the grid. To align the text you select your text then in “Paragraph” which has the symbol of “¶” in the top left hand corner. On the very end of the tool bar there is “align to baseline grid” Once selected it will align your text.

Pictures is something else that you would want to add to your Indesign document. Whenever working in Indesign you have to keep your pictures and document in the same folder then it will keep it together as when you place images in they are previews. To insert an image there is a tool “Rectangle frame tool” if you click and hold then you get more options of frames. Once you draw the frame you got to: File → Place → Select the image you want from your computer. To get the picture to fit in the box you can: Right click → Fitting → Fit frame to content. The other alternative is to hover the middle of your picture and circle will appear. Click and hold to see your entire image and drag to the place you want.

To tint a picture there is the tool “Opacity” once you have your picture selected you can use the slider to change the opacity. The industry is 35-45% to lay text on top.


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