Narrative Pre-Production.


  • Script Writing → Developing a story → Ordering a story
  • Story Boarding → Understanding of camera shots and framing → Condensing and creating clarity in 10 frames.
  • Locations → Finding a location that is suitable/can add to that scene.

What does into script writing?

  • Characters
  • Actions
  • Setting
  • Mood
  • Atmosphere

For out next exercise we had to think about our character and got given the following question: What does Time have in his house?

As a team we drafted bullet points of what we thought Tim’s house would look like and what it would contain.

  • Studio/Open plan (Bed sit)
  • Swilly (Location)
  • Lives alone
  • Journalist (Job)
  • 4 cats → Tinkle → Mrs Meow → Jinx → Lara
  • Modern style

Every story has the following format:

Beginning: Equilibrium

Middle: Disruption

End: Resolution

With the following knowledge about how to construct a narrative and an insight into Tim’s life/atmosphere we drafted 10 scenes to be shot in still images.

Our story would be that Tim is stressed/upset that he cannot be a dog and him dealing with the situation.

Scene 1: Stressed out he cant be a dog/doodling dogs.

Scene 2: Scrunching up pictures in anger

Scene 3: Looking out the window at dogs in the park.

Scene 4: Sitting back in chair head in hands. (Picture we were given)

Scene 5: Shopping on eBay for dog accessories.

Scene 6: Close up on face/glare from screen.

Scene 7: Gets phone out.

Scene 8: Snapchat app in shot.

Scene 9: Snapchat with facial recognition on Tim’s face.

Scene 10: Snapchat picture as a dog (happy).


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