Illustrator: Disrupting Typography.

How can we play with legibility?

The aim we had set out was to create alphabets that were distressed or altered by the typeface itself or using shapes. Using a variety of different methods I produced these 6 outcomes.


Layering blue and white circles over top of the typeface to hopefully distract and create a burst bubble effect.


White lines vertical, horizontal and diagonally from left and right. I like the effect this created. It made me think of lightening glass.


I started out with a black alphabet then copied and pasted the same alphabet in white and flipped it upside down.


I used a red font then overlaid a darker red line and a white diagonal line. This was a strange experiment because it gave off a moire effect but the further away I stood from the piece the more clearly it read.




I experimented with the spiral tool. If I were to further this design I would try a smaller spiral on each character rather than laid across the entire alphabet.


I used three polar grid one in white and two in black to create this spiderweb. I like the bold effect this has.


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