The Interview.

  • Be aware that the interviewer might well have done a web search on your name. Keep all social medias clean.
  • Do a web search on the names of the interviewers. Ask there names in advance so you can get a insight into their previous or upcoming work.
  • Research the company thoroughly.
  • Prepare an informal opening and closing statement.
  • On the day, before the interview, read your application form again. Take screen shots if you applied online.
  • On the morning of the interview, check the newspaper and the internet for last minute developments affecting the organisation.
  • Dress smartly even if the dress code is listed as casual.
  • Be in good time. Try to arrive with plenty of time to be able to check your portfolio and to relax.
  • Switch off  your mobile or a watch that might make a noise.
  • If stressed take two or three slow, deep breathes.
  • As introduced shake the interviewers hand.
  • Answer questions in a confident, firm voice.
  • Answers should not be one word or one sentence, but equally they should not go on for too long.
  • Maintain eye contact with all the interviewers.
  • Use relevant use of the information and research.
  • Don’t waffle.
  • Don’t self-deprecate.
  • Never, ever lie!
  • If the interviewer is not leading the interview well don’t be afraid to lead with questions.
  • Think of actual experiences that illustrate the qualities that you would bring to the job.
  • Commitment, motivation and reasonable ambition is some traits an interviewer would be looking for.
  • After the last question use your closing statement to sell yourself.
  • Have one or two questions to ask them at the end. “What is the training opportunities like?” “What kind of development is available in the position?”
  • Show enthusiasm and keenness for the job.

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