Vernacular Type Box.

To portray the type that we found in our vernacular typography exercise we were asked to break or contort a single letter around the cube face.

I used tracing paper to mimic the cube layout and I chose the “m” from a piece of folk/outsider typography that I found on a letterbox. I got the “m” photocopied and increased the scale of it. I positioned the “m” on all different corners to hopefully create a sense of detachment and an eerie look  the use of tracing paper for the cube I think helped this.

My second experimentation I wanted to explore negative space and detachment within the cube. I used the scalpel to cut away rather than fill in the “m”. I really liked the look of this and it was more of a challenge to arrange but I am glad I did it.


My final box I wanted to use colours and make it bold as my previous two had been very delicate and fine. To do this I used bright orange and black I feel like it contrasts my other two that I made.

This exercise was very fun and I am very happy with the outcomes that I produced. If I were to improve on this idea then I would do a different letter as I feel that I could’ve done a lot more with a signage letterform rather than a folk/outsider hand written type.


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